Sunday, 13 November 2011

Polar Bears III

Aren't they cute?

Polar Bears in 50 years

Something should be done!

Polar Bears

Monday, 7 November 2011

A story not to sleep (by Sara Freitas)

It was a moonless night. In fact, it was the darkest one I had ever lived. I was in a graveyard, but I didn’t know how I had arrived there. The only thing I knew was I shouldn’t be in that lonely place.

My first thought was I was dreaming and that was only a nightmare. I pinched myself in order to wake me up, but I didn’t. Suddenly, the wind began to blow and a bloody paper fell in my hands. It was a note which said someone was going to kill me.

Although I had never been afraid of ghosts or zombies, I was feeling real fear, so I started to run as fast I could, but then a man appeared next to me. I was sure he was my murderer. His terrible face as a skull was the last thing I saw until everything went dark again…